Why Choosing 1 Agent is a Wise Decision

At Unique Living we always search for the maximum listings that we can offer to you based on your requirements so that you can have maximum choice. We can access 99% of properties on the market using our network of established contacts, off market and discreet listings, and our vast knowledge of the areas we deal with.


  1. Unique Living is an agent you can trust
  2. Send us any properties online you have found in which you like
  3. We will search far and wide to find the most appropriate properties based upon your requirements
  4. Agree a shortlist of properties with us
  5. We will then arrange appointments for you to see the listings


Using Unique Living as your only agent:

When you have one agent working for you, it means we can perform all the research on your behalf, narrow down a property list to include those that best suit your needs, and then show you all the homes. When you work with multiple agents, you end up doing more research and could miss out on homes that immediately hit the market.

We offer our clients a friendly discreet service, working with all our local partners as your private personal assistant. We will always offer our clients maximum choice with our other agent’s listings. We are confident we can offer our clients 99% of properties on the market. Finding the right property for you is of first and foremost importance so we are happy to share fees with other agents who have the right property for you.

We enjoy the challenge of finding the right property for you, so relax and let us do the work!

The best thing about working with one agent is that you have reliability and trust with this trusted agent. If you have multiple agents, you are more likely to spend more money, and maybe miss out on opportunities from listings. Unique Living strives to find the right property for you.