UNIQUE – /juːˈniːk/: able to be distinguished from all others of its class or type : distinct

It’s been a while since I last wrote an article, my previous one was amidst lockdown. During that period, I was able to spend time reflecting and most importantly, working out how we fit into the process of buying or selling a luxury international property. From where we first began there have been many changes, realisations, and adaptations to what the market was offering and what it truly needed.

In 2002 we began the journey that would lead to the creation of Unique Living, we didn’t know what we wanted to achieve. We had a name, which came to be over a coffee, but we lacked a specific direction. We wanted to create a successful business that would endure through the years and we wanted that to be in property.  Our drive and determination have already seen us through two decades in the industry.

In our burgeoning days we soon recognised the distinct need to support property buyers, whilst this was already a challenge on home ground it became increasingly more complex when you placed the overseas market into the mix. We decided to take a new approach, we poured ourselves into building connections and collaborations with the best property search specialists in key locations. Our partners in Spain helped guide our clients with their expert and localised knowledge, bringing properties to the table that were off market, and navigating the system to complete the client’s journey. Our ability to find our clients a property whilst our competitors may have given up is what sets us apart. My background in customer service has meant that my understanding of providing a complete customer experience must conclude with the client’s goal being fulfilled.

There have been milestone moments over the last twenty years that have defined us as a company. I’d like to share two such moments in our history that have helped shape us into who we are today.

At some time in our past, we were asked by the then Chairman of Debenhams to help him find a property in Marbella, his search had been exhaustive and his brief unmet. Alongside our partner Adam we took on the task and after nine months of home hunting we found the right property. We listened to our client’s requirements, we advised, we searched, and we helped to guide our client seamlessly through the process.


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We addressed the imbalance of the seller-centric European market and recognised that working collaboratively with search specialists overseas, with a like mindset of the buyer coming first, was essential for our growth. We built on this, we approached leading buyers’ agents across Europe and beyond and created a network (some of whom we have now been working with for over seventeen years), using the same methodology, with the same drive and focus to offer the best possible service to our clients and more so a unique one.


The second such moment was our biggest sale to a high profile, private client who wanted to acquire an exclusive property in St Jean Cap Ferrat. Having seen the property of their dreams various forces outside of our control meant that the property was taken off the market. From 2012 to 2014 we searched high and low to fulfil our client’s needs and set about finding comparisons to the original. Nothing was to compare, however. With all of the persistence and determination that we always strive for to meet our client’s needs, eventually in 2014 after five months of negotiations the original property was secured for just under €20 Million. The negotiation involved three agents, four nationalities and a gardener!


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Whatever it takes we will make every effort to ensure that the process of buying your property runs as smoothly as possible. From researching comparable properties on the market, all the way through the negotiation process to completion we will be by your side. One of the many benefits to having a buyers’ agent is the reassurance to vendors and agents that deals will be seen through to a successful conclusion with our involvement.

The lessons we have learnt along the way have been invaluable in gaining experience and exposure to the market, we have adjusted and refined ourselves all of which has culminated with the world’s first network of the best international Buyers’ Agents in prime locations globally. Our network of dedicated agents provides impartial advice and support through each stage from planning, searching, viewing, and negotiating through to securing your dream luxury overseas property. There are numerous reasons why using a Buyers’ Agent for your overseas property purchase is beneficial, from the time saved to the expertise at hand and everything else in between.

We are not Property Finders, there are no hidden fees, we empower the buyer not the seller unlike traditional Estate Agents, we are UNIQUE.

Serge, Managing Director & Founder.