109 Properties for Sale in Paphos, Cyprus

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Property for Sale in Paphos Cyprus

Property for Sale in Paphos Cyprus

Paphos Area Guide

The stunning town known as Paphos is located on the southwest coast of Cyprus. Despite most people being drawn here due to its beautiful beaches and coastline, there are plenty more fantastic amenities to discover including Aphrodite’s rock. From the culture and history of its heritage to spectacular activities such as jumping on a boat and discovering the beautiful waters of the coastline, Paphos unique charm and friendly atmosphere provide a perfect place to call home.

In addition to Paphos providing great opportunities and stunning scenery, Paphos offers a low cost of living and a relaxed lifestyle. There is no surprise that investing in property here has become more and more popular over the years due to Paphos being framed as a family-friendly destination. 



Cyprus is an extremely popular location for ex-pats and business opportunities. This is due to the breathtaking scenery, glorious weather, buzzing town and much more! Cyprus also boasts mystical, historic, and cultural destinations, making Cyprus the perfect destination for everyone.

When looking to relocate, Cyprus is an excellent choice. Providing a relaxed pace of life and a great work-life balance means you can work reasonable hours while still thoroughly enjoying your free time! Reaching up to 35°c in summer, on average, there are plenty of brilliant opportunities for you and your loved ones. The beautiful beaches, fantastic festivals, water games, and adventurous hiking are all examples of the great activities you can take advantage of in Cyprus! 


Property in Paphos

Here at Unique Living, we have over 100 Paphos properties for you to choose from direct from the owners. Each property is stunning and offers great amenities and benefits throughout, all our properties have Title deeds. The property types we have to offer consist mainly villas and some apartments for sale. 

Starting from around €700,000 ranging up to over 15 million €, the houses for sale in Paphos that we have to offer will suit an assortment of budgets. With such a vast range in price, property types and styles, you will definitely find your perfect property for sale in Paphos, Cyprus. As well as a fantastic price range, the properties we have to offer provide up to 18 bedrooms!


Unique Living

Providing great services to those looking to purchase a luxurious property, sell their property or gain insight to finance & overseas mortgages, Unique Living offers its expertise at an international and local level. Whether you are looking to buy or sell a property in Paphos, our extremely professional and friendly team would be more than happy to help. 
In addition to this, we will do your luxury international Property Search at no additional cost. We will advise and guide you through the complex process of planning, finding and buying a luxury property overseas. If you have any questions or require further support, please don’t hesitate to contact us

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