Luxury Property For Sale in Barbados – How to Find the Right One

How much time have you spent searching online for the perfect luxury property, villas or apartments to buy in Barbados? I’m guessing not enough.

There are so many different luxury property types and locations that it can be overwhelming trying to work out exactly what you’re looking for. But once you know what you want, finding the right property for sale in Barbados is easy. The year-round sunshine, beautiful beaches, friendly people and laid back lifestyle supported by excellent infrastructure are just a few reasons why buying property in Barbados at any time is advantageous. Especially in 2022 when the quality of available properties is better than it has been before. In fact, there are many reasons why anyone who wants to buy a piece of paradise right now would be wise to look no further than Barbados.

For example:

  • The country is strong politically and socially
  • This government welcomes international visitors and foreign direct investments more than ever before
  • There are plenty of choices with new developments mixed among established communities that offer different residential options like homes, apartments, townhouses or even homesteads.



The country is one of the safest countries in the Caribbean and visitors are free to explore, take island tours and navigate each parish freely. Even better, it recently held fair and free elections where the current government retained power for an unprecedented 2nd term in a row – which saw them win every seat across the entire island. This political stability is good for the economy as projects that have already begun within these last 3 years can continue.



With recent programmes such as the Welcome Stamp Scheme, the country is encouraging foreign direct and indirect investments into the island in ever-creatives ways. One excellent example of this promotion comes from how it offers foreigners – including foreigners who want to visit – an extended stay with no taxation whatsoever.


Renting Property 

Recent developments in renting property show how these sorts of schemes are attracting digital nomads who make $50,000 or more per year. The owners of apartments and villas quickly noticed that they were changing hands at a fast rate thanks to their inclusion in this scheme when foreigners came looking for rental properties after hearing about them through personal connections or seeing news articles about them online. As these newcomers continue to pour in, expect there to be a distinctly different atmosphere on Barbados compared to what we’re used to; namely because many renters are young millennials rather than middle aged retirement seekers. Full-time residency can also be acquired by investing in one of many qualifying assets or through one of two types of special visas: the Renewal/Extension Visa (REV) or Tourism/Pleasure visa which allows visits lasting up to six months. Whilst some regulars suggest the West Coast scene was getting a little tired, it’s had a flurry of new eateries – Local&Co is the new go-to slow food shop/bistro; whilst the DJs and magnums of rose at the Sea Shed on Mullins Beach are more akin to Ibiza. There has never been a better time than now to invest in this golden opportunity!

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