INSIGHT – /ˈɪnsʌɪt/ : noun the capacity to gain an accurate and deep understanding of someone or something.

A key factor in keeping our business relevant, something we rely on and utilise from our overseas experts with their specialised knowledge in their areas, insight is paramount to us here at Unique Living. We are constantly looking for further enlightenment into the overseas luxury property market and its changing needs. More so than any of this though we strive for insight into our clients’ needs and wishes for their property acquisition. At the core of our ethos is our need and ability to understand the lifestyle and requirements of our clients which in turn allows us to find the perfect home for each Unique individual, our goal is not to find a property in our portfolio that almost fits your needs but to explore the furthest reaches to find your idyll.

We want to share with you our insight whether you need some guidance on financing your potential acquisition, want to know where to find that peaceful, secluded villa, where to head for exclusive hideaways, which areas are best for families, where is hot or not and everything else besides.

Listening To Our Clients 

Experience has taught us that our role doesn’t begin with looking for a property and nor does it end once you have acquired your home. Listening to our clients, offering advice to make the most of your investment and consequently building towards your lifestyle aims. The collaborations that we have sought and made enrich us with consummate knowledge of the luxury property market and the acquisition process across the globe. You are the focus and we aim to understand all your needs.

A Unique Living client in the process of selling his business, looking for potential investments from the sale contacted us. I spent time getting to know him and his family, we spoke of their ideal home in Ibiza, pulled together a selection of openly and discreetly marketed properties, we also spoke of whether it would be financially beneficial to buy via a business or private structure. Whilst receiving financial advice in the UK our client had little to no advice from international experts. Our Unique network were able to provide the tax advice and guidance needed. The process was complex but having set their hearts on the first property we viewed, after smoothing out various issues, we negotiated around a 15% reduction from the asking price. We continue striving for that insight, and client testimonials confirm why we do;

 “The team at Unique Living made buying a villa in Ibiza, which would have been a quite daunting process, very easy. The relationships they have clearly built with real estate professionals ensured that we were connected with a group of experienced, proven and reliable experts that made the largest purchase I am likely to make in my life so much more straight forward and much less risky.”

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The Unique Living Network

The Unique Network operating internationally allows us to marry our clients with their ideal new home and guide them through the journey, the network consists of colleagues who offer a wide range of experience from those who have grown up in a given area, those whose families have had businesses in the industry for generations, and those that have settled overseas themselves. Extensive due diligence and skilled negotiation ensure we acquire property at the very best prices saving our clients money, and over the years this has included properties that have never reached the open market and where no competitive bidding was involved. Acting as the first point of contact with all parties involved in the purchase we will manage the process on a day-to-day basis, enabling you to focus on other commitments in the knowledge your purchase is being progressed thoroughly and efficiently.

Start Your Luxury Home-Buying Journey 

If you have not decided exactly where to buy, what type of investment you are looking for or do not know what sort of property your budget will yield in different areas, we can help you shape your brief. Listening and gaining an understanding of what you are looking for, what your needs are, what motivates you and what your lifestyle aims are, all allows us that invaluable insight that finds your dream international luxury property.

Get in touch with one of our Buyer’s Agents and start your journey today.

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We are not property finders, there are no hidden fees, we empower the buyer not the seller unlike traditional estate agents, we are UNIQUE.

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