Covid-19 Caribbean travel news

We are in regular contact with our network of offices in the Caribbean assisting our clients looking to purchase property here. Unique Living wanted to bring you the latest Covid-19 Caribbean travel news.

As our clients will know we have the finest portfolios of property for sale across Barbados, St Kitts and Nevis and more recently the launch of our beautiful Cayman Island portfolio.

However, with all the current travel restrictions changing frequently due to Covid-19, it is unclear as to whether you will actually be able to make it out to your holiday homes away from home this winter, and once there, what is expected?

We have found an increase in clients looking to buy villas in island destinations in Europe as well as the Caribbean. Many customers are looking for an alternative place to lockdown and island living is proving to be a good option with infection rates relatively low in comparison to mainland destinations.

An example is Ibiza where infection rates are almost non-existent compared to mainland Spain.

The Caribbean Islands also seem to have managed the process of lockdown well, each one following its own local government rules and regulations, unlike Ibiza and Mallorca which must abide by the protocol of mainland Spain.

Sophie Miles from our network office in Cayman said: “We seem to have weathered the global pandemic and economic downturn comparatively well. The Cayman Islands government have been steadfast in keeping their sunny shores virtually Covid-19 free since the height of the crisis, whilst off-shore finance sector is the main driver of the island’s economy they recognise the need to safely revive their high-end tourism product.

As of October 1st, their phased reopening of the islands started with welcoming back the many second homeowners to their beachfront villas and condos. This comes however with strict quarantine and test protocol, and the accommodation must be approved for self-isolation.

It’s anticipated that by November the government of this British Overseas Territory will have approved their Global Citizen Initiative to re-introduce 5 star tourism to high net worth individuals, families and corporations looking for a safe haven from a potential second wave of Coronavirus, global economic downturn and the usual winter blues suffered in North America and Europe. The final details have yet to be released, but they are aiming strike a balance between keeping the permanent and short-term residents of Cayman safe and bolstering the world class tourism destination.

The timing of which should pair with increased flight schedule from North America and the possibility of the BA direct service from London’s Heathrow taking just over 8 hours.”

The St Kitts and Nevis government approach has been slightly different and the situation continues to be fluid, Helene Robic from Network office in Charlestown provided this recent update: “At this stage, there are no commercial flights coming from the Federation from anywhere. The only way of arriving to Nevis or St Kitts is by private charters from St Maarten, St Thomas, Puerto Rico. On arrival, all visitors are taken to a 14-day quarantine site and only released after a negative Covid 19 test is done at the end of the quarantine.”

A bit less clear cut at this stage, but Unique Living will endeavour to keep you updated in our Latest News Section.

In Barbados, the latest guidance, according to Daryl Kelly from the Network Partner office in St James stated: “From high-risk countries (the UK, USA etc) visitors have to take a test 72 hours before departing.  They can only come to Barbados with negative results.  They have to upload their negative results certificate online before checking in – is recommended.”

Daryl continues: “Once arrived, they have to stay quarantined in a government-approved villa or accommodation for a further 2-3 days after their original test date. After which a 2nd test will be conducted.  If the results are still negative, they can move on to their choice of accommodation and enjoy the island freely.

As a member of the Barbados Tourism Authority, our office in Barbados represents all government-approved Villas and Accommodation and can help visitors with their travel arrangements to Barbados in a safe and secure way.

If you want to keep up to date with the latest travel news please get in touch with Unique Living. We are here to guide you through every step of the process of buying a luxury property overseas, that includes your viewing itinerary.

While we can schedule virtual and live tours, we would always recommend a physical inspection prior to finalising your purchase. All our local offices can’t wait to welcome you very soon.