Brexit be Damned

‘This whole Brexit drama must really affect your business?’ is a question I am often asked at the moment.


The truth is that while it has obviously caused some reluctance on the part of some buyers, many of our applicants based in the UK are actually foreign nationals, who can pay with Euros, and are therefore not affected by the whole, sorry saga.


That said, whilst the ongoing debacle has clearly had an impact on the UK housing market, there are people determined to buy their dream home abroad regardless of the eventual outcome. If anything, some purchasers have been galvanised into taking action quicker than they may have otherwise done so that they can retain their European Union rights.


However uninspiring the current exchange rate at the moment, the fact is it could worsen which is another argument to buy now and not wait for any further change. My clients are also factoring this into any offers they make.


Bear in mind, it is usually a much quicker process to buy a property abroad than in the UK.  In Spain and Portugal, it is not unusual to complete every stage of buying a property within 8 weeks, sometimes considerably less.


Even in France, the whole process can be markedly quicker than the long time it takes in England.  Currently, there is a belief that, if and when the UK leaves the EU, there will be a ‘transition period’, currently due to conclude on December 31st 2020 and that between now and then, all Britons will retain their EU citizenships status if they move during this period.


Also consider that there are plenty of residents of non EU countries, such as the US, Canada and Russia, who own properties throughout Europe so whilst it could well become slightly more complicated to buy, nobody will be prevented from investing in a property in Europe. In-fact, some counties like Cyprus and Portugal are incentivising UK residents to buy in the respective countries, setting levels of purchase in order to obtain a local passport. More about that over the coming weeks.


Bear in mind, the ‘leave date’ has changed before and with the current lack of clarity, it’s anyone’s guess when, indeed if, it will happen.  It was originally supposed to be 29th March this year.


That date is currently 31st October this year but who knows what is going to happen next, someone, somewhere has predicted it, but they don’t even know they are right at the moment.


Rather than wait for a group of politicians to decide your fate, seize control and if you want to buy a property abroad, go ahead.  We have this new selection to choose from to give you some inspiration:


Barbados is Brexit proof destination to consider, it is a very popular destination for sun-seekers and this coral stone villa for sale in Sandy Lane comes with a highly desirable address along with sea views and is just a short walk to the beautiful beach.


Costa del Sol remains one of the most popular destinations for those seeking sunnier climes, just a short flight from the UK, with plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy.  This stunning Mediterranean villa for sale on the Golden Mile in Marbella centres around a huge living room with vaulted ceilings and a perfectly landscaped garden.


If Italy is your dream destination, you will be hard pushed to find a more beautiful location than the medieval village of San Casciano dei Bagno where you can buy this elegant villa in Tuscany.


Having undergone a complete renovation, you can literally move in, unpack and based on the substantial room available, entertain on a grand scale as you see fit.


The point is, we have a wide range of stunning properties across much of Europe and the Caribbean and if it is your dream to buy a home overseas, pursue your goal.  Who knows what tomorrow will bring?